Fellow people, so many ways to make love with your partner but there are some romantic tone that need to excited during moment of love. When your partner by your side,
do not reminds him or her about what he/she couldn’t make, that will reverse all feelings, that has command him to get near you.one way to make love to your partner successful CLICKHERE

first of all talk to your partner about how you will always make him a king or queen, explain how if you had a power you will lift him or her up, never forget to use those word with CLICKHERE
assist of your hand rube all over the head, this will easily bring him or her mind to what ever you want say to him, women sometime fell shy to say some sweet words to their partner but with

low tone and smiling face it work. Talk about what make you die in loving him or her. you need to answer any question that come to you during love making fast, and will never thing that you
are deceiving in him or her but my advice is not to question during love but rather request what you wat. not about things but what you always want hear from him or her all the time.
second start touching your partner slowly with nice and romantic word from you and if you can use his name to sing a song just do a short one there, Do everything to bring his felling


towards you, and if he doesn’t know where your felling don’t annoyed just quickly help him to do that, the moment he found that what he did hit your felling he will continue doing that for you
every touch will bring different felling but mike sure you will receive it very well, if you find out what he is doing not working for you, then you have to do with him and it will help him to
learn how to bring your feeling up. during sex and you want it fast but he is not doing that , you go fast to him and he will start doing what you want.


telling him your sweet dreams matter, just tell him how you were dressed when he got felling’s for so as you want to introduced any style on bed, say the dream with your styling and immediately
he will understand what you mean. Feel free to practice any style that suite you and your partner feelings.
third doing what you want and you want more make a feeling sound to tell him that you want more about that and he will understand to do that for you, making sound during sex bring you partner


attention on you more that will let you have enough satisfaction, mixed the both kissing and robing the body with sex sometimes. going on for too long keep telling him to fuck you more and if he find
that you need more he will continue doing it, always keep thanking him of what he is doing and he won’t stop doing that for you.
advance to all relationship is that do not gossip about your partner and do not disrespect him in or condition, don’t go into his friends too much allow him to be friendly to peoples near you.

Love work

good relationship always last for long. don’t jump into only few months relationship but rather so many year will help you. don’t base on minor issues to breaker relationship because is part of your blood is gone. Love is sweet, sex advance, sex tips, relationship tips need to be care in our relationship.

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Acrostic Poem — Writing feels good

L.O.V.E. Lost in ‘You’ , Only you can make me feel this way, Vision of “Us” all the time in my mind, Ethereal and Eternal love… Astha Srivastava ♥️ You are the reason I am smiling all the time❤️ Acrostic Poem — Writing feels good

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